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Brain 8 - Power Fuel for Mind & Body

Brain 8 - Power Fuel for Mind & Body

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Why Brain 8?

PURE C8 (Caprylic Acid) MCT Oil

Helps you to perform your best.

Keep you at your healthiest both mentally and physically.


Keeps you focused

Gives you mental clarity

Keeps you sharp and ready to take on the day


Boost of energy

Easy to digest with no cravings or sugar crashes

Converts to ketones within minutes for fast fuel

Benefits of c8 mct oil

Weight Management

Decreasing the amount of fat you store and helps you burn the fat you already have.

Suppressing Hunger

MCT oil helps curb your appetite and increases satiety or feelings of fullness. 

Increasing your Metabolic Rate

The presence of ketones will put you into a state of ketosis - this is when you are burning fat instead of carbs for your energy.

Increasing Energy Levels

Brain 8 is converted to ketones within minutes, much quicker than a regular MCT oil, giving you a fast, clean burning, powerful source of fuel.

Increasing Mental focus & Clarity

GABA production is increased and as a result you experience greater mental clarity and focus. 

Meet the team

Ben Pelletier

Lena Cuglietta

Ela Alegre


Covo grew out of an interest for a healthier lifestyle.  All active musicians in Hong Kong we found ourselves with strange schedules, irregular eating patterns and just felt we could be leading a healthier more active life.  After switching to a ketogenetic way of eating, one thing lead to another and before we knew it we were highly motivated to explore the coconut oil industry.  Being so close to the source it made far more sense to have a company based in Asia rather than relying on international sources.  Our primary focus is being healthier, happier and getting more from each day as energy levels have improved and increased.