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Why Brain 8 is Good For Immunity?

Immunity is like a shield of the body which protects the organism against the diseases caused by bacteria and viruses present in the atmosphere. This shield allows the body to stay healthy and thus you don’t fall sick very often.

Brain 8 (pure MCT Coconut oil) contains caprylic acid (C8), which is highly essential to strengthen the immunity system of an organism. C8 can easily fight off the bacteria and viruses that can cause harmful diseases.

There are various benefits of Brain 8 as it has antioxidant, antifungal, antibacterial, and antimicrobial properties which help to keep you healthy and immune.

How can Brain 8 be used to boost the immune system?

A weaker immune system can be easily detected when a person falls sick easily and quite often. Cough and cold can easily hit him/her, every other day you feel feverish, and you can be lethargic and restless all the time. These are the signs of a weak immunity system and that is when you need to boost your immune system, failing which you can only make your health messier.

Food plays a crucial role in deciding our health. Brain 8 also enhances our metabolism in addition to strengthening the immune system which will keep the body protected against atmospheric impurities.

Brain 8 can be made a part of your diet in several ways.  You can add Brain 8 to your morning coffee & tea, to your favourite smoothies, protein shakes, salad dressings, pre-workouts, or just on its own.

Brain 8 - Power fuel for mind and body.

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